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Update: He Huang from Australia’s Got Talent

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

He Huang (Instagram; Facebook; YouTube; and Twitter), who we profiled back in September 2021, has recently exploded: her audition on Australia’s Got Talent went viral (with 30 million+ views and counting), with both Australian and international viewers loving the set. However, she also received a surprising amount of backlash: online viewers, many of them Chinese netizens, found parts of her audition offensive or a poor representation of China. (Read interviews with NPR, Slate, NextShark, Daily Mail, ABC Australia, Sydney Morning Herald, and listen to the Nu Voices podcast about the backlash.)

Though He didn’t make it to the semi-finals (which, in the Australian AGT, means that she didn’t get past the audition stage), she’s fielding multiple agent offers, has been reached out to by China’s Got Talent, and is performing every night (while still juggling her day job) – she recently passed her 1000-show mark! She also plans on touring as a solo act on the road, and now that she has survived a huger wave of hate than 95% of comedians will ever face, she doesn’t plan on holding back.

Buy tickets to He’s upcoming show here.

Below, we begged He to remember her fans at LaughDraft and answer three short questions, and she obliged despite her fame.

What might ordinary comedians be surprised that you’re still doing? For instance, I recently saw you pop up in a Women’s Comedy Workshop material workshop session, which was a delight for the group.

I am still a comedian of five years, and working on my voice and persona and I don't think that I am there yet. so it does not make any sense that I stop working on my jokes. (You did not see Dave or Jerry stop working after they became very established comedians.) I am still going out for gigs every night and still struggling with finances as well.

How are you approaching dating these days? (e.g. as a source of material, difficult now that you’re famous, etc.)

At the moment I am not dating coz I just got out of a committed relationship, and have been very busy with my comedy. Dating for me now is something I really want, but really don’t have time nor energy to think about. (The holiday season always gives me extra stress about it.) Also, I don’t think I am famous in any sense because I am still waiting to be signed by Australian comedy management!

Any advice for comedians who have recently gone viral?

Live comedy really does not depend on how viral you got one time (or if you did get viral) - it is a skill perfected by your daily grind, so keep working on your craft and believing in yourself.

Photos: Australia's Got Talent, 2022.

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