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Comedy writer highlight: Jason Ox-Horn

Jason Ox-horn (Instagram @jason_oxhorn; Twitter @JAYoCOMEDY), is the New Jersey-based stand-up comedian, producer, host, and co-owner of Two Joke Minimum Comedy (Instagram @twojokeminimum), a NYC comedy collective which hosts live and virtual comedy shows / open mics.

Below, we made him answer five short questions.

Tell us a little bit about your history with smoking and how it’s played into your comedy.

I just quit smoking cigarettes. Smoking was a very important aspect of my performing, because I would smoke beforehand and then afterwards to keep myself calm. Since quitting, I've been having to use mental meditation in order to keep myself calm – I don’t want this type of vice control how I perform.

How is the dating life for comedians? Is it better for males than for females?

Dating for me is almost non-existent - I honestly couldn't tell you if it’s harder for men or women, since I'm not a woman. But from the sound of it, it's about equal.

Who would you love to play on stage or in a film?

I think I would play just about anyone, because that's work, and work is money.

But if I had the choice: BATMAN.

How did you come up with your best joke?

Some of my best jokes are just from personal experiences – which are what I speak on - and from connecting and identifying with my audience.

Describe your comedy writing process.

I really have no special strategy. My writing process is really just recording or writing down ideas and concepts to come to my mind. And then I basically just try to find a way to communicate and verbalize them so that people can understand.

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