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Las Perlas Uribistas Pdf

Las Perlas Uribistas: A Critical Review of the Book

Las Perlas Uribistas (The Uribista Pearls) is a book written by twelve Colombian analysts, lawyers, critics and journalists, that exposes the alarming and sordid political events that have affected the country since 2002, when Álvaro Uribe came to power. The book, published in 2010, is a collection of essays that analyze the different aspects of Uribe's government, such as his relations with the paramilitary groups, his judicial reforms, his economic policies, his media strategies, his foreign affairs, his human rights violations, and his religious discourse. The book also offers a critical perspective on the social and cultural impact of Uribe's regime, and the challenges that the country faces after eight years of his rule.

Las Perlas Uribistas Pdf

The book is divided into four parts: The first part, titled "The Uribista Model", explores the ideological and political foundations of Uribe's project, and how he managed to create a loyal and fanatic base of supporters. The second part, titled "The Uribista Reality", exposes the contradictions and failures of Uribe's administration, and the corruption and violence that marked his tenure. The third part, titled "The Uribista Culture", examines the cultural and symbolic aspects of Uribe's leadership, and how he used the media, the religion, and the language to manipulate and influence the public opinion. The fourth part, titled "The Uribista Legacy", evaluates the consequences and implications of Uribe's legacy for the future of Colombia.

The book is based on rigorous research and documentation, and presents a well-argued and balanced critique of Uribe's government. The authors do not shy away from denouncing the abuses and crimes committed by Uribe and his allies, but they also acknowledge some of the positive aspects of his management, such as his security policy, his social investment, and his international recognition. The book is not a personal attack on Uribe, but a serious and objective analysis of his political project and its impact on the country.

The book is intended for a general audience, but especially for those who are interested in understanding the phenomenon of Uribe's popularity and power in Colombia. The book is written in a clear and accessible language, and uses examples and anecdotes to illustrate its points. The book also provides references and sources for further reading on each topic. The book is available in PDF format online, or in print edition at some bookstores.

Las Perlas Uribistas is a valuable contribution to the debate on Colombia's recent history and current situation. It is a book that challenges the official narrative of Uribe's government, and invites the readers to reflect critically on the role of democracy, citizenship, and human rights in Colombia.


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