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Puberty Sexual Education For Boys And Girls 1991 Belgiumrar

Puberty Sexual Education For Boys And Girls 1991 Belgiumrar

Puberty is a time of physical and emotional changes for boys and girls. It is important to learn about these changes and how to take care of yourself during this stage of life. One way to learn about puberty is to watch educational videos that explain the facts in a clear and respectful way.

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One of the most famous and controversial videos about puberty is called "Sexuele voorlichting" (Sexual Education), which was made in Belgium in 1991. This video shows real boys and girls of different ages and backgrounds, who talk about their experiences and feelings about puberty. The video also shows their bodies in detail, including their genitals, breasts, pubic hair, menstruation, erections, ejaculation, and masturbation. The video does not use any drawings or animations, but rather abundant nudity.

The video was intended to be a realistic and honest guide for young people, who often have many questions and doubts about their sexuality. The video was also meant to promote a positive and healthy attitude towards sex and the human body. However, the video also caused a lot of controversy and criticism, especially from parents and religious groups, who considered it too explicit and inappropriate for children. Some people also argued that the video violated the privacy and dignity of the children who participated in it.

The video was banned in some countries, such as the United States, where it was considered child pornography. In other countries, such as the Netherlands, the video was widely used in schools and praised for its educational value. The video has also become a cult classic on the internet, where it can be downloaded or streamed online under various titles, such as "Puberty Sexual Education For Boys And Girls 1991 Belgiumrar".

The video is still relevant today, as it provides accurate and comprehensive information about puberty that many young people may not find elsewhere. The video also challenges the stereotypes and taboos that surround sexuality and encourages open and respectful communication between peers and adults. However, the video may also be shocking or uncomfortable for some viewers, who may not be used to seeing such explicit images of children. Therefore, it is important to watch the video with caution and discretion, and to seek guidance from a trusted adult if you have any questions or concerns.


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