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True Hd Texture Pack Gta 4 Free

It was compiled in a purpose to bring the highest rate of realism possible to DOD:S.This pack replaces all player and weapon models. All these are in high quality, with bumpmapping, phong shading and reflection maps for more realismAll sounds are from the original real WW2 weaponsMore files are added to bring more realism to DOD Source (HD floors, mapmodels...)

True Hd Texture Pack Gta 4

Download Zip:

I did a lot of work on textures and bumpmap editing. The hardest part was to learn howto.Many thanks for the immersive sounds to Trappa, HQ, Wolf88, Bossbob, McGee, Colted,Plaskon, Freaks, Overkill, Riley, theglocks, ZetexModels: Thanks a lot to UKDecay, knifeInFace and Wile E Coyote, Millenia, modderfreak, Mike, the0rthopaedicsurgeon, Quad, rascals, Kuggan, HeNe, Snake, MadHead, Watevaman, Dodss Kuggan, d0nn, PinkPanther, Mike-, Flakk, Csblackhawk, Kiff, CsBlackHawk, Propen, 5hifty, Dayofdfeat123, Henes, Flakk, Soul-Slayer, Watevaman, Woody, Rhetoric, modderfreak, eSkwaad, Brutal, Stopia

--New in 1.7 BETA--Experimental ENB SeriesHigher res playersMore bumpmapsDetailed crates, more detailed textures, enhanced snowHD rocks and new HD texturesEnhanced cvarsUsing Fakefactory enhanced shadersNew game music and soundsNew tank skin by Wile e Coyote

--New in 1.6--Fixed german sleeves, thanks to SkaFixed allie's bad shadingPhotorealistic snowNew k98 and Springfield scopesEnhanced weapons effectsEnhanced detailed textures, new HD textures (by me)New thompson world skin by StopiaNew Allied RiflemanNew sounds

--New in version 1.5--For full server compatibility, do not install HD player modelsHD textures and detailed textures for nearly every surfaceMore realistic water & graphical ambienceMore realistic stones (through tweaked bumpmap)Bumpmapped and detailed sandbagsNew tiger tanks by WatevamanBumpmapped german sleevesBug fixes in installerNew weapon select and death icons by antman311

--New in version 1.4--New Rim shading to players (more realistic sun exposition)New explosion effects by CB4New muzzleflashsFixed some texture bugsNew P38 model by Flakk and MikeNew Colt model by Woody, Millenia, Rhetoric, modderfreakNew k98 sniper skinNew shader effects on handsHD skins for MP44 and M1 carbineMany new reflection maps on the weapons. Metal on weapons is softly refracting lightNew HD texture and Detail textures (thanks to Fakefactory Cinematic Mod)New map props (german radio, logpile, snowy sandbags)

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Good news everyone. As I have done some pretty major updates to the GTA IV REAL series over at gtagarage and there is a bit of discussion over in the topics there, I thought I would open a page here for talk, feedback, updates ect.It is a Liberty City map texture mod that changes all the transit signs to real New York city versions for Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and New Jersey. This features the correct typeface "Highway Gothic" and stylized sheilds for Interstates and Highways with REAL directions to REAL locations. It features the correct typeface "Helvetica" for the subway signs with accurate and representative directions and in addition all underground advertising boards have been changed to feature REAL products, services and stores. The idea is to give the best realism feel for GTA4. All signs have been researched so that where possible, they give correct directions just like in NYC. Be aware 100% accuracy is impossible due to mapping limitations!In addition this mod contains a new american.gxt with locations, street names and vehicle names that correspond to the real ones, new bus-stop ads and new subway car interiors.I started work on this many eons ago and the first public version was released around 2 years ago. It is basically a mod in 2 parts that replaces all the highway signs, bridge and road signs -part 1, and all the subway stations -part 2. It is a huge project (I estimate that there are at least 1500 individual texture replacements) but I have engineered it so that it is relatively easy to install.This topic connects to IV REAL ROADSIGNS but I consider IV REAL SUBWAYS to be in integral part of the concept so I would like to focus any discussion about either part into one place here on GtaForums.I have made a quick promo vid for your viewing pleasure, but I should probably point out that before today I had never used the GTA4 clip editor.... so don't expect any Spielbergesque entertainment. It's basically just to give a vague idea of what I am blabbering on about. So I hope you enjoy it, and get IV real soon.

Thats a good point about the LODs. A few areas are worse than others as well, I'm thinking parts of N.J Pulaski Skyway and the roads around WTC/City Hall can be quite bad. A lot of LODS (in relation to the roadsigns) seem to be handled a bit differently by the game. The City Hall area does have a specific distance texture, I was looking at it recently and had a plan to update it. Its something to change for sure.

One thing I did keep in mind when creating this mod, as I did see early on how the LODs acted, was to keep the modded signs quite close to the originals in format such as word size and spacing, to keep the noticable texture changes to a minimum.

More good news: many of the Definitive Edition's terrible spelling errors have been fixed - though not all of them, by any means. Meanwhile, most of the reversed textures that plagued the game now appear to render the right way around - though I still managed to spot a couple of doorways with backwards labels.

And while there have been improvements in the texture work, it's still far from being good enough, with severe consistency issues and obvious errors, even six months out from release. Going back to the PS2 originals, texture quality obviously doesn't stand up to close scrutiny, with many textures just 128x128 pixels in size. On original hardware on a CRT it looks decent enough but blown up to high resolution - as in the PS2 Classics versions on PS4 - texture quality simply isn't good enough.

The remasters use three general techniques to bring texture quality up to modern standards. AI upscaling is used frequently, which is a technique that uses machine learning to smartly enhance and clean up detail in the low resolution source artwork. The second technique sees the developer redraw the assets, mimicking the original art but at far superior resolution. Finally, other assets are simply replaced with new art that can look quite different - often lacking the quality and style that went into the original game.

The AI upscaled artwork mostly looks fine but never really sits that well at high resolutions, simply because the original art assets are simply lacking enough detail for the algorithms to effectively work with. The results are serviceable enough, and can actually look passable in some areas, but often look grimy and messy. The AI clearly has an issue with text too. Yes, many of the errors were fixed, but many issues remain. Why wasn't this text redrawn? It seems like the bare minimum of attention to detail would have been enough but alas we are left with some ugly upscaled textures. AI upscaling itself is a useful technique in game remastering efforts and works very well in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition remasters, for instance, but the source material has to meet a minimum threshold of quality that much of this artwork does not.

These issues are particularly curious given the fact that higher resolution artwork is actually available for these titles, artwork that doesn't seem to have been used for these remasters - but can be easily observed in the Grand Theft Auto Double Pack released for the original Xbox. In addition to reworked models, animations, and reflections, these ports of GTA 3 and Vice City included higher resolution textures for many surfaces. These are a mix of redrawn and resampled textures and crucially they offer much higher detail than those available on PS2 - up to 4x the resolution. I spent some time using Topaz AI software to upscale the Xbox assets and they easily surpass the efforts found in the Definitive Edition.


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