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Mom 6x3

After seeing Marvin enter retirement, Grandma Huang decides it's her turn to retire from something; when Louis fails to celebrate her as she wanted, it will take a visit from Hurricane Gene -- and maybe a hot tub -- to make things right.

Mom 6x3

Marvin Ellis has decided to retire from dentistry and is given a retirement party at Louis Huang's Cattleman's Ranch Steakhouse, with his friend from the Navy, Clyde Roses, in attendance. Clyde owns a scrapyard and gives his business card to Eddie, who wishes to purchase a spoiler for the Cattleman's station wagon. Honey gifts Marvin with a flagpole he wanted, which prompts Jenny to state that she too is now retiring, much to the confusion of her family, with Louis wondering what she would be retiring from.

The next day at breakfast, Jenny gives Louis a list of gifts she wants for retiring, stating that any one of them would do. Louis asks if her if she wants a party, although she merely replies that all the answers he seeks are on the list. Louis then reads the list of desired gifts, including a trip to Jamaica, a drum kit, or a hot tub. Louis believes that what his mother really wants is a party, but is too proud to ask him for one and expects him to dismiss the gift list, while Jessica declares that Jenny most likely is "retiring" just because she wants a gift. Regardless, Louis decides to go ahead and throw his mother a retirement party.

Eddie and Emery retreat to Emery's bedroom, where they playfully slap the other's hands for fun. Evan enters the room and notifies his brothers that, while at Marvin's retirement party, he overheard Marvin gossiping about his patients and revealing their secrets. Evan reveals that a month ago, while undergoing a dental procedure, he admitted something to Marvin and his assistant Queenie, and that while he cannot remember what it is he told them, Marvin did say he would keep his mouth shut due to Dentist-Patient confidentiality. However, with Marvin having retired, the confidentiality agreement no longer exists. Eddie attempts to dismiss Evan's worries, citing that none of Evan's secrets are major, until Evan reveals that the dental procedure happened the day after the boys had met "Reggie", prompting Eddie and Emery to become fearful.

At Jenny's retirement party, Eddie, Emery and Evan overhearing Marvin mentioning Carol-Joan's lip injections out loud, and they realize he really will spill their secret. Louis thanks everyone for attending his mother's retirement party, and Jessica sings "Simply the Best" while Trent Masterson plays the piano. However, Jenny asks Louis if this is all, and demands to have her gift. When Louis replies that the party was the gift, Jenny replies that he should've just bought her a hot tub. Louis responds that a hot tub is impractical, citing that it was a big responsibility and asks who would maintain it and pay its utilities bill, but Jenny, still wanting a hot tub, wheels herself away.

The Huangs return home, with Louis and Jessica retreating to their bedroom while the three boys sit around the kitchen table. The "Reggie secret" they wish to hide from their parents is that they had taken a trip across state lines without permission to visit Reginal VelJohnson, and read his memoir at the Georgia Tech Student Union. Eddie believes that since Evan was the one who informed Marvin, he should be the one who informs their parents and takes sole responsibility, with Evan countering that he would not do so since they weren't certain whether he told Marvin about the trip or not. Eddie then decides that they need to get leverage on Marvin by finding out a secret of his own, and that their best chance to do so would be by paying Clyde Roses a visit.

In the master bedroom, Louis is complaining about his mother's actions and how ungrateful she is for everything he does for her. Jessica notifies him that mother-son relationships can be complicated, and gives him an example: recently, Evan disappointed her by leaving brand new milk out to spoil, but just then, Eddie had come in asking if they insurance after hitting a mailbox and a tree. She tells Louis that perspective is vital; compared to perfection, Evan had messed up, but compared to Eddie, she sees Evan as a saint. As his mother also has two sons, Louis declares that his younger brother Gene is the "Eddie" and decides to invite him so that when he messes up, Jenny will realize how much better Louis is in comparison.

Louis invites Gene over, but finds him to be a completely different person. Gene divulges that he fell into the lion's pit at the Singapore Zoo, and as a lioness was clawing his chest, it made him realize that life, with every moment on Earth, should be treasured. Jenny then asks Gene if he brought her a gift, but when he replies that his hug is a hug of gratitude, she storms off angrily, claiming that no one knows how to give gifts anymore. Louis and Jessica explain to a confused Gene that while he is away every ten years or so, it is Louis who takes care of Jenny and puts up with her. Gene then offers his assistance, and decides to help Jenny with her tasks for the day and relieve Louis of the burden.

At Clyde's scrapyard, Eddie, Emery and Evan attempt to pry secrets out of Clyde by asking about stories. Clyde initially attempts to talk about them, but cannot bring himself to tell the stories as they involve women and he deems the boys too young to hear about it. Eventually, Clyde tells them that Marvin is like his brother and that he would not disclose his secrets. Back at the Huang house, Gene returns after running errands with Jenny, and much to Louis' surprise, Gene enjoyed doing so. Jenny then tells Louis that spending time with Gene made her appreciate all the hard work Louis does for her, which makes Louis happy. Gene then adds that he spoke to Jenny after realizing that there was tension between her and Louis and got her to value Louis. However, just then, Jenny begins to fire up the hot tub which Gene had installed in the garage. This infuriates Louis, who believes that Gene simply bought his mother off, and he storms away.

Eddie, Emery and Evan decide to pay a visit to Queenie, Marvin's assistant, to find out what Evan said under the effects of the gas. She reveals that Evan did not reveal any secrets and only said things in a funny manner, but reveals that Eddie, who had a similar dental procedure done shortly after Evan, did in fact reveal that he and his brothers took a drive to Georgia to see Reginald VelJohnson.

Meanwhile, Louis fetches Trent and brings him to the garage to dismantle the hot tub, only to find out that Jessica is in there relaxing with Gene and Jenny. Louis asks how she could do so, and Jessica replies that Louis' concern with the hot tub was who would pay the utilities, but because Jenny had agreed to pay it herself, she found no issue in using the hot tub herself. Louis scoffs at the idea of his mother making payments, and Gene chimes in that if their mother could not pay for the hot tub, he would; this angers Louis, who states that Gene would be gone by then and that the one thing that would never change was Gene being a screw-up. Insulted, Gene replies that he has changed and is no longer a screw-up and refers to Louis as a martyr; as he exits the hot tub, mentions that he has emotional scars from being Louis' brother. Trent then wonders if they would be dismantling the hot tub after all, adding that he would get into the tub as well but would refrain from doing so as he was a redhead, likening the scenario to a lobster being in a boiling pot.

Jessica exits the tub to have a talk with Louis in the kitchen, where she states that Gene was right and that Louis is indeed a martyr. She explains to a befuddled Louis that Louis cannot handle change, reminding him that when Emery quit volleyball, Louis had stalked him, and that he had pressured Eddie when he was learning how to drive, and that he hit Brian Pew on his scooter as a result. Additionally, Louis' issues of Gene being problematic, Jenny not appreciating him and the financial costs of the hot tub had all been resolved, and yet Louis still had problems. Jessica, using a metaphor of Marvin's flagpole, likens Louis to being the sturdy pole that never changes while everyone else is the flag, swaying with the wind, and adds that while people salute the flag, no one does so for the pole and that he might consider being the flag for a change.

Eddie, Emery and Evan head to Marvin's house and ask him not to reveal their secret trip across state lines to Georgia, but he admits that he is a chatterbox and cannot keep secrets. This confuses Evan, who reminds him that he served in the US Navy and should be able to keep secrets, although Marvin rationalizes that Navy men can keep secrets on the ocean but not on land. Hanging their heads in defeat, the three boys prepare to leave, and Evan tells Marvin that Queenie sends her regards.

Marvin interprets this as a threat and asks them if they've spoken to Queenie about his secrets and if Queenie has told them about "Angela." The Huang boys reply that Queenie did not tell them, but interpret "Angela" as being a woman that Marvin is cheating on Honey with. Marvin then explains that Angela is the name of a boat he secretly bought that Honey disapproved of, and explains the boat he had just "bought" for his retirement was the same boat that he had simply given a wax job. The Huang boys then broker a deal with Marvin in which they'd keep each others' secrets, and Marvin agrees.

Louis has the hot tub removed from the garage and installs it in his living room, inviting Gene to enter with him, citing that they had their best brother-to-brother talks in hot water, hearkening back to their time in Taiwan's hot springs with their father. There, the two brothers make peace and Gene admits that their family and "Hurricane Gene" did not make it easy on him. Louis adds that Gene's wife, Margaret, must be loving the new and improved Gene, although Gene admits that she left him two years ago, and that he was embarrassed to divulge the fact to his mother or his brother. 041b061a72


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