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Why is the app free?

The current version is a proof of concept to see if people like it and use it. If not, then it wasn't meant to live on forever. If so, we'll see what else we can do with it. In the meantime, I hope to recoup a small portion of the costs through mobile ads and other things in the works.

Download LaughDraft on Google Play.

What is the deal with the writing prompts?

It's all about writing something down (with inspiration from the prompt). There's a timer for five minutes to put a fire on your butt, but there are no expectations, and you can decide to keep it or leave it.  

Are you trying to steal my work?

No! Your writing on the app cannot be seen by me, and we have no rights to your writing. See the Privacy Policy for more information.

I want a feature that is not offered.

We will try, funding permitted! Email here with your suggestion.

Where is my stuff saved?

Currently, all of your writing is saved to your phone (on the server). (Find out how to save your work here.) LaughDraft provides the opportunity to sort, filter, and search your writing!

Why is your logo not laughing?

Two reasons: First of all, we don't expect you to be funny right away, and we certainly don't expect you to crack yourself up as you're writing. Second of all, the whole point of this app is to just get pen to paper. Don't try to be perfect - get the concept down, play with it, perform it, slap it into your tight five, use it as a tweet or as a killer joke in your group text with Grandma Suzie, and continue to edit and iterate.

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