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Developed with comedy writers in mind...

LaughDraft caters to two types of users: those who have an interest in comedy writing, but don't have the confidence or know-how on where to start, and those who are already comedy writers or comedians and who want to keep track of their writing. We provide the nudge and space to write. Also, use the app to discover and advertise new comedy events and shows!

Download LaughDraft on Google Play.

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I'm Julie of The Flying Tings, LLC. I'm a member of the Washington DC Comedy Writers Group, and got my inspiration for the app from their weekly writing exercises. I don't consider myself a comedian (and recently haven't had time to work hard on my own bits), but DO consider myself an aspiring comedy writer / viral tweet-writer (, and LaughDraft user). 

Email me here with suggestions, jokes, life stories, and cat stories.


P.S. I'm actually a dog-lover, but cats just make better Zoom bombers.

P.P.S. I didn't do this on my own! (I developed the concept and initial UI/UX, and funded and managed the process of getting the app built.)

Developers: Weapplinse Technology

Designer/UX: Vijay Bhuva

Feedback from: Jessica Perng, Yan Perng, Ashley Williams, Matt Corley, Mandy Dalton, members of the DC Comedy Writers Group (including Jill, John, Wayne, others -- the folks in the group have been great at providing me amazing feedback along this process). (Forgive me if I've missed your name.)

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